To apply, please download the appropriate form and submit it along with all necessary attachments to

Application Forms:

Tissue & Data Access Policy (pdf)

To view an example of the required analytical validation of antibodies for IHC assays, please see the following file: Form_Redacted.pdf. If desired, prospective applicants may send a letter of intent (LOI) either as a formal letter or as an informal email using the Query function on this website. The purpose of such an LOI is to clarify availability of specimens, requirements for accessing specimens, or other information that will help the applicant to submit a formal application for specimens. The LOI is not required.

Prospective applicants who want to request the most valuable specimens – those designated “priority level 3” (for details of priority levels click on “Access” and scroll down to “Prioritization of Access”) – may request a teleconference with PCBN investigators to clarify requirements or other details. The teleconference is not required.