What is the PCBN?

The Prostate Cancer Biorepository Network (PCBN) is a public bioresource that provides tissue and other biospecimens to all prostate cancer investigators. This biorepository is a collaboration between the Johns Hopkins University, the New York University Schools of Medicine, the Washington University, the University of Washington, the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the Department of Defense .

How do I apply for access?

Investigators must submit a completed application form, along with supporting preliminary data (for prioritized samples) and a copy of your Institutional Review Board letter of approval, exemption or review to use human biospecimens.

How much does it cost to apply?

PCBN charges a nominal fee to offset the costs associated with acquisition, handling, processing and storage. Our support from DOD partially subsidizes a reduced rate for academic or non-commercial scientists, while private industry investigators are charged at the full rate.

What information comes with the sample?

This is dependent on the sample requested. All specimens are accompanied by standard pathology data while a large subset of specimens are linked to clinical, pathology and outcome data. For more information, please refer to biospecimens.

Does PCBN provide blood or blood products?

PCBN collects where possible or accesses remnant blood from the clinical laboratories. These are processed into plasma, serum and buffy coat.

Does PCBN provide tissue microarrays?

PCBN has a range of tissue microarrays available, suitable as assay optimization tools, preliminary screening or to test biomarkers. Detailed clinical annotation, treatment and outcome are available for a subset of the arrays.

Does PCBN provide biospecimens to private industry scientists?

Yes, although for-profit entities are not intended as our primary market.

Where do you get your tissue?

Currently PCBN has five network sites. Each network site has arrangements with their institutional hospitals, local hospitals and local organ donor networks to procure biospecimens.

How do I reference or acknowledge PCBN if I publish results utilizing the specimens I receive?

Our Tissue Access policy states that investigators agree to acknowledge the contributions of PCBN in all publications resulting from the use of these tissues using the following statement: This work is supported by the Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program, DOD Award No W81XWH-18-2-0013, W81XWH-18-2-0015, W81XWH-18-2-0016, W81XWH-18-2-0017, W81XWH-18-2-0018 and W81XWH-18-2-0019 PCRP Prostate Cancer Biorepository Network (PCBN).