Review Criteria

Requests first go through an initial triage to ensure that the requested samples are available, and that the specimens requested are commensurate with the aims of the research, i.e. smaller numbers of less rare specimens with little or no clinical data for early stage research (discovery, assay optimization), larger numbers of more valuable specimens with long term follow-up data for validation research (e.g. evaluating a prognostic marker already shown to be associated with Gleason score). These distinctions are indicated by the specimen priority levels. See “Prioritization of Access” on the “Access” page. Potential discrepancies are clarified with the Investigator prior to forwarding the request on to the Specimen Request Review Committee.

Criteria Priority 1 Specimens Priority 2 Specimens Priority 3 Specimens
Scientifically valid objective
PI and institution have suitable resources to conduct the study.
Methods appear appropriate. 1
Applicant has preliminary analytical data to support application for biospecimen(s).   2 3

1 Little or no preliminary data regarding differential expression of the biomarker will be required to justify the request; however, the applicant must still provide evidence that the proposed assay performs well in human prostate samples.

2 Biomarker(s) of interest have been shown to be differently expressed in PCa vs. non-tumor.

3 Biomarker(s) of interest have been shown to be associated with other PCa prognostic factors